Creating Growth Entrepreneurs

The Township Economies Conference is a place where small businesses can learn how to overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

A conference aimed at helping Township Entrepreneurs prosper

The Township Economies Conference is a two-day event that will focus on how to create jobs, inclusive growth, and dynamic, competitive economies in a developing economy. This conference is for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers who want to learn more about the Township Economy opportunities. With keynotes from experts in business, technology & innovation as well other township related issues; delegates can expect valuable information on how they too could be part of this new trend and grow their companies! Those invited to attend are any persons, entrepreneur and / or small business trading in the Townships, keen to grow their business and access the necessary skills to do so.

How can Township Economies can help grow jobs and improve the economy?

Many private sector development efforts in developing economies focus on small and medium enterprises, but few of these businesses survive or grow. Only a small percentage of small and medium businesses survive beyond their first few years, but those that do can have a big impact. Growth Entrepreneurs are people who lead businesses that create jobs and have a positive impact on local economic development. New research from the United States and Europe shows that small, fast-growing businesses account for nearly half of all job creation. South Africa has a high unemployment rate, and therefore needs to create more Growth Entrepreneurs in order to impact local economic development.

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